We have three goals of our Self-Guided Masters in Education:

  1. Inform ourselves on current and historical education issues: from the 1830s common schools movement, to the Women’s Rights Movement encouraging more women to train as teachers, to the modern-day reforms emphasizing accountability and choice, different movements have influenced the field of education.

    We want our Masters to equip us with knowledge on the history of past education reform issues, and the nuances of modern education reform issues.

  2. Inform ourselves on the practical aspects of working in the field of education: how do you become a teacher? What’s a typical career trajectory of becoming a principal or superintendent? What steps do you need to take in order to start a public, private or charter school? What other opportunities are there to working in education?

  3. Research evidence and findings on what works (and what doesn’t): with so much funding, manpower and interest in the field of education research, we want to learn what have people managed to discover “works” when it comes to teaching? What about when it comes to funding schools? Training teachers? How much confidence should people have in these findings?







People Involved – 3
Books Read – 20+
Countries Visited – 5
Schools Visited –  7
Cost – Under $1,000
Masters Capstone Projects  – 2